Krakow in 15 minutes

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“Krakow in 15 minutes” is a multimedia presentation shown on a mock-up sized 4×5 metres. The text for the sound and light show (mapping) has been authored by none other than Leszek Mazan. In a quarter of an hour, Krakow’s history is narrated, key facts interspersed with anecdotes. We have selected a dozen or so events that took place in Krakow. The viewer can embark on a travel spanning over a thousand years of the city’s history and see how it has been changing, how it was burning, or how the course of the Vistula River has evolved. Vital information is supplemented by interesting facts. The tourist will learn, for instance, which buildings survived a thirteenth-century Tatar invasion, where the richest woman of the twentieth century resided in Krakow, or which Polish king fought against tobacco smoking. Within 15 minutes, we may be feeding many facts yet thanks to titbits the show is fascinating and time flies indeed.

It is also highly attractive in visual terms.

“Krakow in 15 minutes” may serve as an introduction to city sightseeing, but also a trip summary. Linking historical events with specific places and spots on the mock-up with anecdotes helps tourists systematise their knowledge.

The foreign-language versions are free from country-specific details incomprehensible to foreigners.

Available language versions: Polish, English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, and Russian.

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