Jewish Traces in Krakow

Presentation in Flag of PL i angielskim Flag of GB

Over the course of 15 minutes we will tell you some interesting Jewish tales linked to Kraków. Why did the Jews come to Kraków, what did they do? What did they leave behind?

The first traveller to mention Kraków was a Jew named Ibrahim ibn Yaqub. The Jews settled in Kazimierz and became part of Kraków’s societal fabric. During the presentation, written by local journalist Leszek Mazan, you’ll find out where they first lived, and about some famous figures from the local Jewish population, also showing you where to go and what to know.

Jewish traces in Kraków is a multimedia 3D-mapping presentation written by Leszek Mazan and displayed on a model of the city measuring 4×5 metres. Over the course of 15 minutes we’ll tell you all about Jewish traces in Kraków – you’ll hear an intriguing story intertwined with interesting and fun facts you won’t find anywhere else.
The museum can house up to 45 people at a time, thanks to which the group can sit comfortably and relax during the presentation, which is given in English.

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