Historical Show

We present a unique spectacle, multimedia presentation shown on a mock-up sized 4×5 metres. In a quarter of an hour, Krakow’s history is narrated, key facts interspersed with anecdotes. We have selected a dozen or so events that took place in Krakow. Vital information is supplemented by interesting facts. 

It is highly attractive in visual terms.

Krakow in 15 minutes Flag of PL Flag of GB Flag of RU Flag of DE Flag of FR Flag of IT Flag of ES
The viewer can embark on a travel spanning over a thousand years of the city’s history and see how it has been changing, how it was burning, or how the course of the Vistula River has evolved… →

Traces of John Paul II in Krakow Flag of PL Flag of GB
John Paul II had very strong ties with Kraków. He lived, taught, and became a priest here. He would return to Kraków as Pope John Paul II during his many pilgrimages to Poland… →

Krakow in legends (for children 4-9 years old) Flag of PL
Pomagamy najmłodszym wejść w świat dawnego Krakowa. Unikamy dat i mówienia o faktach niezrozumiałych dla dzieci... →

Jewish Traces in Krakow Flag of PL Flag of GB
Over the course of 15 minutes we will tell you some interesting Jewish tales linked to Kraków. Why did the Jews come to Kraków, what did they do? What did they leave behind? … →

American Traces in Krakow Flag of GB
In 15 minutes we take a look at exciting American histories connected to Kraków. Why did Americans come to Kraków? What did they do here? What did they leave behind?… →

Italian Traces in Krakow Flag of IT
Su un plastico delle dimensioni di 4 metri per 5, con l’aiuto degli effetti 3D Maping, raccontiamo la storia degli italiani a Cracovia… →

French Traces in Krakow Flag of FR
Les Français sont arrivés à Cracovie, il y a presque mille ans. … →

The foreign-language versions are free from country-specific details incomprehensible to foreigners.

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